Kansas Spring

April 23, 2009

I’ve never been to Kansas, but I imagine it would look something like this…rolling hills, fields, lakes, and the occasional wire fence.  

Maybe not.  Kansas Spring


Something’s Fishy

March 23, 2009

One theme I’ve always wanted to tackle was an underwater scene, fishes and all, and I finally got to it.   I have mixed feelings about this quilt.  Although I loved working with the all colors and the fabrics,  my execution needs a lot more work!  I really wasn’t trying for photographic accuracy, but rather a whimsical interpretation of life on a reef.  What do you think?


27" X 30" - March 2009

“Rolling Along” and “Moon Dance”

March 16, 2009

These pieces are my first attempts to bring “play” back into my art quilting.  I recently bought Rose Hughes’ book, “Dream Landscapes” and was totally inspired by her compositions and use of color.  If imitation is a form of flattery, I hope she’s flattered, because I surely tried to imitate!  Thank you, Rose.

img_07352With this piece I came to the conclusion that I need to explore more color combinations in order to “step out of the box”.   I called this “Rolling Along”.






img_0734I know, I know.  I just said I needed to explore different color palettes and here’s the latest piece in black and white.   Well, loosely speaking, isn’t that  a color scheme?  I was intriqued by the challenge to use only black and white fabrics to depict a landscape.  I called this one Moon Dance because my eyes were dancing all over the fabrics when I quilted this thing!!  What a headache.  What do you think?

Hello world!

March 16, 2009

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog!  I took my first quilting lesson 6 years ago and for the second time ever, I sold one of my pieces today.   Many thanks go to my good friend and teacher, Leni W. without whose encouragement I wouldn’t be doing my “happy dance” today.  A big hug and “Thanks” also goes to Isabelle who bought this piece.  I called it “Purple Fields Forever”.